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OZRIC by Grenof

Grenof have developed a new innovative method for cleaning water mains using ozonated water scouring in a closed loop - Ozric. The method has almost no water loss and effectively sanitises the pipe by achieving scouring velocities using Ozonated water to remove sediment and biofilm. Ozric combines ozonation, scouring and media filtration in a closed loop that results in the water main being completely sanitised with almost no water loss. Ozric can be mobilised extremely quickly completely sanitising sections of water mains from all pathogens whilst having minimal water loss.


  • is cost effective.
  • not only cleans but sanitises and removes biofilm.
  • extends time periods between cleaning cycle requirements.
  • has minimal to no water loss

Grenof Ozric provides the most effective and efficient long-term solution to mains cleaning”.

Grenof Points-Ozric

Watch the Ozric explainer video