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Ozone Generator Indoor Gas System for covid-19

The Ozone Generator Indoor Gas System is a DIY system available for businesses and home owners to use to disinfect indoor spaces.

The system distributes Ozone through the gas system by leaving it unattended in a closed space for a 5 hour period, removing the virus from surfaces. The system is suitable for indoor spaces like office buildings, day care centres, shopping centres, retail outlets and homes.

The COVID-19 virus can live up to three days on surfaces such as plastic and stainless steel  including on door handles, table tops, light switches, floors, ceilings, walls and blinds.

The application of the Ozone Generator Indoor System is ideal for government authorities and business owners providing essential services such as Centrelink, supermarkets and schools where the need to regularly disinfect their premises is essential.

The system will be essential for all businesses and home owners to provide long term disinfectant options as businesses re-open in coming months.


  • Is proven to kill the SARS coronavirus and is 3000 times more efficient in killing viruses and bacteria than traditional bleaches and chlorine

  • Eliminates the dangerous handling of harmful chemicals

  • Provides immediate results and reduces waiting time for clients

  • Available for immediate hire in various sizes dependant on the size of the room

  • Requires no clean up, can be operated yourself by leaving unattended overnight

  • Is the strongest, fastest, commercially available disinfectant and oxidant in the world

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