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“Unitywater trialled all MHL and other odour and corrosion control products on the market… Phodine was able to show superior results in the network and treatment plants and outperform its competitors…​

... for pH correction, H₂S control and from a stability point of view… Phodine is a high quality, more stable product allowing for operational savings on our operations over both the long and short term…​​

... We would definitely recommend Phodine over any other available MHL on the market”​

Queensland Based Client

“…we chose Grenof’s Phodine Plus as our magnesium hydroxide liquid solution after a comprehensive market test and tender process….

… not only has Phodine Plus outperformed our previous solution, it has addressed long standing issues in our Network. For example, over rising main distances of 28kms and 36kms, Phodine Plus maintained unprecedented high pH and achieved extremely low H₂S levels …..”

Queensland Based Client