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Cityscape Ozone Outdoor Disinfection for Covid-19

The Cityscape Ozone Outdoor Disinfection system is a proven technology that can help remove the COVID-19 coronavirus from outdoor spaces.

The Cityscape disinfection system works by infusing the ozone in water while using Grenof's mobile ozone technology to spray outdoor areas on a daily or regular basis, helping to keep outdoor spaces clean, safe and virus free.

The COVID-19 virus can live up to three days on surfaces such as plastic and stainless steel including public and outdoor areas such as bus stops, park benches and hand rails.

The application of the Cityscape system is ideal for Local Councils, Outdoor Event Venues and anyone managing an outdoor space to ensure a safe and virus free space for people to be in whilst outdoors.


  • Is proven to kill the SARS coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2) and is 3000 times more efficient in killing viruses and bacteria than traditional bleaches and chlorine

  • Eliminates the dangerous handling of harmful chemicals

  • Provides immediate results and reduces waiting time for clients

  • Requires no clean up or environmental management plans and is safe for people and waterways

  • Is the strongest, fastest, commercially available disinfectant and oxidant in the world

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