Smart Technologies

Smart Technologies

Grenof has partnered with one of the global leaders in developing open-standard control networking platforms.  With the ability to design, install, monitor and control devices for Smart Cities.

Cities around the world are looking for ways that they can:

  • save energy – case studies reveal that cities that have taken up the combined technologies of LED lighting and control systems have reported energy savings of 80%
  • maximise efficiency – by identifying electricity leakage and/or theft
  • lower operating costs – by energy efficient luminaires with lighting controls
  • lower maintenance costs – through immediate and remote identification of luminaire failures; less inventory required from longer lasting lamps; and lower preventative maintenance
  • comply with new regulations – directive to reduce carbon emissions
  • increase safety – reduced luminaire downtime from instantaneous reporting
  • reduce pollution – reduced carbon footprint and lower light pollution for dark sky approved luminaires that minimise glare, reduce light trespass and do not pollute the night sky

Real world scenarios – Proven product – We can do all of this, and more.

Commercial and Public Premises

  • Installation of LED car park lighting to reduce costs and improve customer experience
    • Case study shows savings of 86%
  • Ability to integrate monitoring of utilities (water, electricity, gas, solar)
    • Early detection of excursions due to leakages or theft will lead to significant savings.
    • Case studies have proved undetected water leaks have cost large entities thousands of dollars per week
    • The technology can be implemented into Government buildings, residential buildings, schools, universities, malls, and homes.

Lighting – Street Lighting and Area Lighting

Implementation of high efficiency lighting systems through the installation of LED technologies, combined with the added benefits and savings utilising lighting controls.

  • Case studies in the USA and Europe have shown that power savings can exceed 80%
  • Currently being deployed with projects in and outside Australia.
  • Improvements to public safety
    • Higher lighting quality
    • Pedestrian crossing illumination with motion sensors
    • School Zone speed limit posting
    • Panic / Information buttons can be integrated into street lights
    • CCTV
    • Speakers for public announcements
    • Installation of sensors for air quality, air temperature and humidity
  • Preservation of existing infrastructure (historical and decorative lighting) with the advantages of modern controls.
    • Technology can be installed into almost all existing luminaires with little to no modification.


  • Smart parking
    • Apps to assist in finding appropriate space for vehicles
  • Public transport systems
    • Apps to locate and advise when and where the next transport vehicle is going to arrive
  • Traffic counting
    • For planning of parking, events, and road maintenance
  • Adaptive Street Lighting
    •  For when a programmed lighting system is not enough
  • Vehicle charging stations
    • Providing services to the public in the interest of building better communities