Solutions that work


Advances in technology now enable customers to fully monitor their network in a capacity not seen before. Grenof Water Technologies’ market-leading product Sewercon does just that. A full system that can link monitoring, mapping, dosing and alarms including software that links to the customer’s systems which for the first time provides active data of a network.

The technological advancement of Sewercon allows customers to not only control their network either from the control room or remote sites but also understand their network and algorithms for alarms and issues. With this active data comes the ability to link chemical dosing to live data to ensure the most accurate dosing rate is delivered.

Sewercon leads the way in network monitoring and is in high demand around Australia from major utilities and councils.

Grenof provides the resources to enable the process for:

  • Monitoring
  • Software and data transfer
  • Dosing equipment
  • Chemical delivery
  • Management of monitoring, dosing, chemical delivery

The SewerCon monitoring system allows for monitoring across the network with the following features:

  • Monitoring sewer containments
  • Alarms for exceptions and limit exceedance
  • Active odour and corrosion map
  • Active sewer containments mapping
  • Linking data to active dosing
  • Enabling the Control room or other remote location to monitor sewer containments and dosing amounts/time

This unique process allows our customers to:

  • Monitor and actively manage Inflow and Influx
  • Monitor Pump information
  • Manage additional algorithms for working through Inflow and Influx and leak detection
  • Ability to target issues when they arise, such as hydrocarbons entering sewer, monitor the alarm, slow the progress and call Grenof or Internal staff to test at site and treat as necessary


  • Full sewer monitoring system
  • Software allows full control of system
  • Links full network data together
  • Allows for active understanding of network
  • Real data, real time, real sewer monitoring and management