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Magtuff Sewer LiningĀ 

Grenof Water Technologies has found, through our experience, that the most common form of sewerage asset corrosion arises from H2S attack. MagTuff Sewer Lining was developed in direct response to this problem, this product acts as a Sacrificial Alkali Coating that forces the H2S to attack the lining instead of the asset.

The growing trend of reduced budgets and the need to maximise capital expenditure means water utilities have a challenge to ensure sewerage assets are protected from corrosion and managed efficiently.

MagTuff is specifically designed to effectively coat and protect sewer assets including pipes, manholes, pump stations and inlets. It is formulated to be applied directly to sewer assets for pH protection and pH correction of the asset thereby protecting it from corrosion and further extending its service life.

The MagTuff spray process is a highly economical and safe option for corrosion control. Testing has shown that the MagTuff spray process reduces the amount of concrete lost each year due to sulphide corrosion, therefore reducing the need for rehabilitation or replacement.

Grenof Water Technologies applies MagTuff during live sewer conditions, negating the need for network diversions, bypasses and pump station stoppages. These safety processes are industry leading by implementing non-manned entry application.

MagTuff is the lowest lifecycle cost option for avoiding sewer failures. Studies over 10 years have conclusively demonstrated that Sacrificial Alkali Coating technology can be used as an effective alternative trenchless technology and asset replacement. Making MagTuff a preferred option to defer significant capital expenditure compared to using more conventional trenchless technology approaches.


  • Long-term asset protection
  • Application undertaken in live sewer
  • No network diversions required
  • Unmanned (entry) for preparation and application
  • Significant deferred capital work costs
  • Non-hazardous and non-dangerous product that enhances the treatment process along with lining the networks.