Phodine by Grenof

Phodine by Grenof is a magnesium-based solution that successfully prevents the formation of hydrogen sulphide gas within a wastewater network. Phodine effectively reduces odour, limits corrosion and extends the life of assets.

With corrosion from hydrogen sulphide and sulphuric acid estimated to cost wastewater treatment operators $14 billion per year, Phodine by Grenof offers the most cost effective, full turn-key solution in Australia.

Grenof's unique formulation means Phodine will stay in suspension for up to 6 months without any stirring or agitation, surpassing any other product available. Phodine's ability to evenly disperse and remain suspended in liquid ensures that the most amount of available solids are available to react. This results in a more effective treatment than any other product on the market.
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Mobile Dosing Units

Grenof can custom build a dosing unit to specific customer requirements to suit any location. Grenof's full service package ensures that the mobile dosing units are well maintained by our trained experts. With delivery to site included in our service, Grenof ensures that the customer is looked after from start to finish, providing a full turn-key solution.



Delivery to Static Sites

Grenof fill their static dosing stations everyday. Our pupose built Phodine delivery trucks are efficient, safe and comfortable.

How Phodine works

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