Grenof Water Technologies is proud to introduce Liquid Ozone Disinfection through The Ozone Pipeline Disinfection System (PDS). Ozone is an incredibly strong oxidant with the added advantage of breaking down rapidly into harmless Oxygen creating an environmentally friendly solution. These two properties make ozone attractive for the disinfection process. Ozone provides a high level of confidence in regards to bacterial inactivation while being able to break down as the job is being completed eliminating the risk of causing environmental harm.

Our proprietary systems create a true third party validation of disinfection, using our operational, sampling and testing methods including accuracy of location and disinfection data. This means our customers are assured that true disinfection and cleaning has been achieved.

Water main disinfection by ozonation offers excellent disinfection and cleaning in a very short contact timeframe, has no negative impact on water quality, and is a very cost effective alternative to Chlorination, superchlorination or other mains cleaning methods. These outdated methods of disinfection and cleaning costs more, takes longer to achieve results, has a failure rate of over 30% and inevitably is more expensive.

The ozone technology is extremely successful at completing water mains cleaning to remove biofilm and improve water quality. The process not only removes the organics and biofilm from the mains, it disinfects the main during the same process. Ozone is cleaner, safer and a more reliable process for mains cleaning.

Ozone is faster and more reliable for achieving bacterial inactivation, better for the environment, safer than chlorine and saves you money by being more effective and efficient.


  • Ozone is a more effective disinfectant than traditional, outdated methods
  • Reduces interruption times because of faster connection
  • Up to 40% cost savings over traditional methods
  • Removes risk to customers receiving highly chlorinated water
  • Saves water
  • Full effective and efficient solution for mains cleaning
  • Allows for true third-party assurance of disinfection through quality assured systems and data