Solutions that work

Zero Water Treatment (MHL)

Grenof Water Technologies’ Zero Water Treatment is a magnesium-based solution that effectively prevents the formation of hydrogen sulphide gas by increasing the pH levels of treated materials. Zero Water Treatment reduces odours, while limiting corrosion to sewerage systems and extending the life of commissioned assets.

With corrosion from hydrogen sulphide and sulphuric acid estimated to cost wastewater treatment operators $14 billion per year, Grenof Water Technologies offers cost-effective, full turnkey solutions to a range of industries to reduce their costs including utilities, councils, mining, and manufacturing.

Grenof Water Technologies’ works with clients to design, install and manage facilities to provide custom dosing for the Zero Water Treatment product, this ensures maximum effectiveness of odour and corrosion control.

Grenof Water Technologies’ internationally recognised expertise in advanced chemical technology has resulted in a product that stays in suspension without agitation. This means no blockages or operational disadvantages for the customer thus providing exceptional odour and corrosion control.