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Grenox is a game-changing proprietary oxidising agent from Grenof Water Technologies. Used for disinfection and sterilization, it is water soluble and decomposes into non-toxic by-products making Grenox a very environmentally friendly compound.

As an oxidising agent, Grenox is extremely effective in the treatment of sewage with high suspended solids and organic material concentrations.  Grenox has strong bactericidal properties under a wide range of pH, temperatures and suspended solids concentrations.  Grenox is dosed directly into the SPS wet well and has no harmful by-products, breaking down into non-toxic chemicals

Coupled with this product Grenof Water Technologies has state-of-the-art monitoring technology and software for:

  • Monitoring of Grenox use
  • Monitoring of levels of Grenox
  • Monitoring, changing and managing dosing rates
  • Alarms for exceptions

This technology monitors all dosing sites and further allows for remote access to modify dosing rates as required.

Grenof Water Technologies has created Grenox to have no negative impact in the treatment process as it removes H2S from the sewer network as part of the oxidisation process. This is part of the reason why it has become a fantastic solution for utilities across the country.

Where Grenox shows its true strength is in severely septic environments. By killing the H2S causing bacteria in these severe environments, Grenox is quickly becoming the go-to solution for high septicity problems.

Before and after Grenox Dosing H2S results

Measurement (ppm) No Dosing Grenox Dosing
Average H2S 91 0.6
Maximum H2S 980 18

A customer had an odour issue due to high amounts of trade waste. After unsuccessfully trying competitor’s products, the customer turned to Grenox which had great success. Grenof Water Technologies drastically reduced the amount of H2S in a very short time frame.

Key Uses

  • Successful in removing H2S
  • Efficient oxidising agent in high septicity environments
  • Assists in treatment plant process
  • No harmful by products
  • Full end to end solution including dosing stations, delivery, monitoring and performance