Grenox by Grenof is the most powerful oxidising agent on the market today and is used to control the biological activities within the sewer network. Grenox is water soluble and decomposes into non-toxic byproducts and is environmentally friendly.

Grenox cannot be matched by any product when dealing with high suspended solids and organic material concentrations.

Grenox works by neutralising the sulphur producing bacteria within the wastewater network, and when used in conjunction with Phodine, will ensure that all H2S levels within the network are maintained to a minimum level.

Our custom-built dosing units are capable of dosing both Grenox and Phodine at the same location. This allows for greater flexibilty to ensure effective H2S control.

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Powerful Oxidiser

The most powerful sewer network oxidiser on the market

Destroys H2S

Grenox kills sulphur producing bacteria neutralising H2S production in the process

No Extra Chemicals Needed

By destroying the bacteria that produces H2S Grenox reduces the need for large doses of other odour neutralising products within the system

Mobile Delivery System

Grenof’s mobile dosing units enable dosing directly at the cause of the problem

Eco Friendly

Grenox’s unique composition ensures that it does not cause any harm to the environment