Ozone is revolutionising the mains cleaning and mains disinfection industry. With more local government authorities and water utilities reducing their use of harmful super chlorination, Ozone is quickly becoming the preferred alternative across the country.

Grenof use ozoninated water for new mains disinfection and have developed a process to use Ozone as an effective way to clean and disinfect new and existing water mains.

Ozone is an incredibly strong oxidant with the added advantage of breaking down rapidly into harmless oxygen, creating an environmentally friendly solution.

Experienced staff work with the customer to plan and execute a program of works to ensure customer interruption is minimised.

Grenof’s proprietary systems create true third-party validation for disinfection. This means customers are assured that true disinfection and cleaning has been successfully achieved. With Grenof's unique mobile ozone trailer design, previously inaccessible areas are now easily accessed giving Grenof the ability to support more customers.

How Ozone Works

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