Category : Operations

10 Oct 2018

New Truck

Hello world! Grenof has designed and build a purpose built Phodine delivery truck that will now operate around the Sunshine Coast in QLD. This HINO 500 Series truck with all the bells and whistles you’d expect on a new vehicle. With this new truck we expect to increase our delivery efficiency and reduce our carbon footprint, all while keeping our drivers in comfort and reducing the manual handling issues associated with delivery.

18 Sep 2018

Asset Inspections

Grenof and UAV Systems have just completed a trial internal and external inspection on a 10ML reservoir. The inspection of the reservoir took a day to complete, and delivered some amazing results for the owners. Glad to report that the water was perfect and the reservoir is in great condition inside and out.

17 Sep 2018

Another Dosing Station

Hello again. Grenof are on fire…! We have yet another Mobile Dosing Station hitting the road and heading to another customer. This MDU will dose Phodine into the sewer network and stop those unwanted odour complaints! Check out our animation, or as we like to call it – our ‘explainimation’, on the Grenof YouTube channel.

17 Sep 2018

Another Ozone Trailer!

Hi Everyone Grenof have just built another Ozone trailer and have sent it to work in NSW. Ozone is becoming a very popular mains cleaning and disinfection solution for developers and councils! Ozone is an incredibly strong oxidant with the added advantage of breaking down rapidly into harmless oxygen, making ozone an environmentally friendly solution.