Asset Inspection Management

Asset Inspection Management

Grenof Water Technologies manages one of the longest running Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) companies in the country. As a leader in this technology we understand the need for reliability and service our clients require.

By using state-of-the-art equipment Grenof Water Technologies provide detailed data on their client’s assets. Using various scanning technologies such as LiDAR, infra-red and thermal, from the air, ground and even underwater, Grenof Water Technologies can produce the most detailed information possible from any angle.

Using these technologies, Grenof Water Technologies can provide 3D imaging; highlighting any structural weakness, leak detection, vegetation issues, and changes in assets. This data enables customers to make strategic and operational decisions regarding their assets to allow them to further reduce operational and capital expenditure.

Grenof Water Technologies provides innovative, fast and reliable platforms for reviewing and assessing data  for customers by using internet based platforms that integrate into customer’s existing systems.

Backed by some of the largest companies in technology and production, Grenof Water Technologies is fast becoming the leader in asset inspections across Australia.



  • Forestry management and planning
  • Urban and regional planning, mapping and cartography
  • Agricultural crop assessment
  • Coastline and sandbank management
  • Volumetric analysis and exploration
  • Infrastructure inspection and corridor monitoring
  • Transport monitoring and planning
  • Mining, oil and gas
  • Reliable data transfer and management