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About us


Grenof Water Technologies is internationally certified to quality, safety and environment, is wholly Australian-owned business and has a strong commitment to our partners and customers. This commitment recognises our value proposition that only in collaborative partnership can we deliver leading innovative solutions and their subsequent benefits.

We are a solutions based company focused on providing cutting edge, proven technology and solutions for water utilities, councils and municipals. Collaboration with major utilities and industry to commercialise new technologies is a cornerstone of the business.

Our focus is in water and waste water treatment, asset management, operations, monitoring, information processing and water quality.

Having experienced water professionals, engineers, operational teams, researchers, marketing and sales experts manage our business we are able to not only offer our partners and clients the best solutions, but understand their business enabling the partnership to be completely fulfilled.

These are supported by active long term partnerships with prominent Australian universities. By example, Grenof Water Technologies engages researchers to assist in product development, actions R&D partnerships to further new cutting edge technologies, commissions proof of concept reach and trials, and conducts external product quality assurance within the University laboratories. As a result, we can confidently provide the most current and sustainably advanced technologies as these partnerships assist us to continually challenge the status quo in how we add value and improve efficacy throughout the life span of a project.

Safe and quality-assured, Grenof Water Technologies solutions are also backed by expertise guaranteeing the realisation of success. Our leading expertise operates end-to-end; from supply, manufacture and delivery to customer support to strengthen all our projects.

Current Capabilities

At present Grenof Water Technologies has numerous key clients both large and small across Australia with key expertise in:

  • Waste water monitoring and management
  • Water and waste water quality management
  • Odour and corrosion management
  • Sewer network asset rehabilitation
  • Ozone disinfection application and technology
  • Dosing facilities
  • Manufacturing of water technologies and chemicals
  • Operations and maintenance
  • Protection of assets through lining and corrosion inhibitors.
  • Data logging and monitoring of both water and waste water systems
  • Technical expertise in linking monitoring equipment into existing client’s networks ensuring full cycle of network realised
  • Management and operational teams set in regions to ensure support is targeted and in line with utilities requirements
  • Innovative funding solutions for clients and commercialising of technology

Our business model allows for flexibility with clients to ensure they have access to the best technology. Whether the entity be large or small our flexible approach ensures all potential clients have access to todays and tomorrows technology.

Our operations and maintenance divisions allows us to further ensure our clients not only get the best information, technology and expertise, but we are able to support its operationalisation.

Our business being solutions minded translates to not only understanding the technology, but importantly what is behind it and makes it. Not just technology but the information behind it.

Grenof Water Technology is active in shaping the water industry and is currently working with WSAA, AWA and Vic Water in numerous roles including chairing the Environmental Water Management Committee and working with Vic Water to find alternatives for current technologies.