Solutions that work

Mains Cleaning and Disinfection

Our proprietary systems create a true third party validation of disinfection, using our operational, sampling and testing methods including accuracy of location and disinfection data. This means our customers are assured that true disinfection and cleaning has been achieved..

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Sewer Management

With corrosion from hydrogen sulphide and sulphuric acid estimated to cost wastewater treatment operators $14 billion year, Grenof Water Technologies offers cost-effective, full turnkey solutions to a range of industries to reduces their costs including utilities, councils, mining, and manufacturing.

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Asset Inspection Management

By using state-of-the-art equipment Grenof Water Technologies provide detailed data on their client’s assets. Using various scanning technologies such as LiDAR, infra-red and thermal, from the air, ground and even underwater, Grenof Water Technologies can produce the most detailed information possible from any angle.

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Triple Certification

to the international standards for Quality, Safety and the Environment

About us

Grenof Water Technologies is a wholly Australian-owned business with a strong commitment to our partners and customers.

Grenof Water Technologies is a solutions based company focused on providing cutting edge, proven technology and solutions for water utilities, councils and municipals. Collaboration with major utilities and industry to commercialise new technologies is a cornerstone of the business.

Our focus is in water and waste water treatment, asset management, operations, monitoring, information processing and water quality.

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